The right way for a short stay





About Short Stay Facilities (SSF)

SSF is a department within housing corporation De Key that rents out fully furnished rooms to international students that have been put forward by universities and schools in Amsterdam for a maximum duration of 1 year. We work together with a number of Universities.


What kind of rooms do we offer

Short Stay Facilities rents out over 1500 rooms at different locations with various sizes, prices and room types.
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We rent rooms to

international students put forward by one of our partner universities:

Are you going to study at one of these Universities, Find out how to apply how to apply  


Other university?

It is unlikely that we are able to offer you housing during the educational year if you are attending a University that is not listed above. 

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Staying for over 1 year?

Short Stay Facilities can only offer housing for a maximum period of 1 year. In order to apply for rooms after this period the best way is to subscribe yourself at StudentenWoningWeb (English). The waiting time is long. If you know that you are going to stay in Amsterdam longer than one year, we advise you to register as soon as possible. 

StudentenWoningWeb is a Dutch internet site for Dutch and International students who are looking for a room while studying in Amsterdam. You have to be a student in order to register and apply for rooms.